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Soap, Skin and Candles

Calm Your Farm - large


Do know someone who could do with some deep breathing right about now? Maybe a little something to remind them to... breathe in for the count of 4 and breathe out for the count of 4.
The Calm Your Farm box fits the bill to help them do just that. Sometimes the giving of permission, reminding them or showing someone the way to take some deep breathes and slow things down can mean the world of difference. Also perfect for anyone who is already great at calming their own farm!


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Perfect For

  • anyone who needs to be kind to themselves
  • times of pandemics and lockdowns
  • someone who has or is going through a lot in life
  • anyone who needs to destress

What's in the box?

  • 1. Calm the Chaos guidance cards – Love you, Love me
  • 2. Milk Bath Brew Pockets – Peggy Sue
  • 3. French Vanilla, Buttermilk and Tonka Bean Candle – LX Collection
  • 4. Hydrating Sheet Mask – The Unnamed
  • 5. Shadow Tea – Spiritualitea
  • 6. Sage Yo Self Smudge Spray – New Moon Blends
  • 7. Mylky Smooth Bath Soak – New Moon Blends
  • 8. Smokey Quartz Crystal – Love you, Love me
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Calm Your Farm - large