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Cleanse & Co

Cleanse & Co Crystal Intention Candle Ruby in Zoisite


Breathe it in...In this light, I am grateful and present.

With majestic Ruby in Zoisite crystals set within a natural blend of coconut and soy wax you will be delighted when you light this baby! The elegance of pink pepper, jasmine, amber and neroli are simply delightful while being spicy with a floral hint too. This sets the scene for encouraging a vibrational space to encourage you to harness you to reflect and acknowledge whatever you most need to.

The amazingly clever team at Cleanse & Co have created this to hold the space for you as you immerse yourself in the goodness of these magical creations. 

The sensory experience is Neroli and Pink Pepper.


Natural Soy and Coconut wax

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Cleanse & Co Crystal Intention Candle Ruby in Zoisite