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Fluffe Gingerbread Fairy Floss

Not your average carnival fairy floss, no sirrreee!
It does not have to be Christmas time to enjoy ginger and spice. With caramelised brown sugar floss, tossed with warming gingerbread spines this melt in your mouth treat will tickle your taste buds. Pair with a Gingerbread Candle for the complete gift!
Australian made, Gluten free and Vegetarian friendly.

Why not add the Pavlova, Honey and Champagne flavour just to be sure and taste test them all. A perfect cost effective gluten free small box of goodies to send to any one... just because!

Perfect For

Everyone including…..
You, your BFF, the person you don’t know super well but want to gift them something, your Neighbour, your Pilates instructor, your friend who has everything, your fancy pant friend or friend who is a wannabe fancy pants
You get the drift… perfect for everyone.

Fluffe Gingerbread Fairy Floss