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Love you, Love me 

Selenite Natural Wand 10cm


"I am moving in a positive direction"
"I am opening my spiritual awareness"

A High Viber. Selenite has a strong vibration to help you heal at an energetic level. It is a beautiful stone of positive energy and will help move your and your thoughts in you in a positive direction. If you are looking for support to increase your spiritual growth and learning, then you have just found it.

Known to:
Invoke clarity in the mind and clear negative energies.
Perfect for cleansing your own aura with everyday.

Chakra support:
Third Eye and Crown 

How to Use

For meditating have sitting in your space, perfect for beside the bed while you sleep, by the entrance of your space, both home and work.  Cleanse and recharge your crystals under the full moon. Lay them directly onto the ground the day of the full moon and leave for 24 hours before bringing them into your space to nurture your soul.

Selenite Natural Wand 10cm