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Your Very Own Personal Shopper and Concierge Service

Do any of these apply to you when it comes to buying gifts no matter what the occasion or reason? Perhaps

You are time poor?

You can’t be bothered thinking about what to buy?

You and shopping aren’t on the best of terms?

You need help choosing something for the person who has everything?

You are looking for something different for the people you work with?

Say no more, we’ve got you! Some options to choose include

1. Select from our pre made boxes based on cost, content, colour etc

2. We select a box for you when you provide some basic info – gift receiver’s age, gender, what your want to spend.

3. We select or curate a new box for you when you provide more detailed info – gift receivers age, gender, what you want to spend, and some other info about them if you know it.

4. Choose from the Your Soul, Your Skin, Your Space boxes or if you see something you like but it needs some tweaking to be perfected for the person you have in mind, let us know.

5. If you want us to choose a box for you or curate something especially for you, we would love to be your very own Personal Shopper.

6. Hand it all over to us here at SS&C!


Purchaser’s details

You can help us to help you, to be known as the best gift giver ever by answering a few short questions. Or choose to share more detail for a curated box just for them. Rest assured the person you are buying for would never know or see these answers, we promise.

The below details include the basic info we need like where to send it and if you know any of the following answers, fabulous and if not that’s ok too.

You can leave them blank and we will work our magic with what info you have provided. (You don’t need to over think it, just what ever comes to mind the minute you read it).

If you would prefer us to call you for the information, just let us know.

Q. How do they identify
Q. What is their age (approx)?
Q. What is the total amount you want to spend on this, including postage?
Q. A color you know they like or love? (maybe they wear it alot/or accessorize with it or have a bit of in their home?)
Q. How is their skin?
Q. Are they an animal lover?
Q. Favourite drink?
Q. Are they health orientated with their lifestyle and food?
Q. Do they talk about or do you see them having?
Q. Is it for a special calendar occasion?
Q. Is it for another reason?
Q. Is it for:-
Q. Is there something you know you don’t want in the box?