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Euclove Cleaning

Bedding & Mattress Natural Spray Refill


Euclove® Kitchen cleaner is a powerful everyday all-purpose surface cleaner. It is a unique blend of 100% pure and natural powerful pure essential oils. The essential oil based formulations give your kitchen surfaces a unique, fresh, clean fragrance. Very effective, easily remove dirt, stains & grime


Antibacterial and antiviral
​​​Essential oil and coconut soap-based formulation
Grey water and septic safe

Tested on many surfaces like timber, caesarstone, ceramic, granite, marble, laminate, engineered stone etc.

How to Use

After you have removed your sheets and pillow cases for changing, spray at arm's length directly on mattresses and pillows, allow to dry for a few minutes so not to leave bedding wet. Once touch dry put on your fresh linen. It leaves your bedding smelling so beautiful and fresh. Use at every linen change. As the product is natural, please shake well before use. Spot test as required befor


Neem Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil, Vetiver Oil, Solubiliser, Purified Water.

Bedding & Mattress Natural Spray Refill