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Wildfire Activated Incense (Intention Mix)

  • C O N N E C T  /  A M E T H Y S T (spiritual opening mix)
  • I N T U I T I O N  /  C L E A R  Q U A R T Z (psychic awareness mix)
  • C O U R A G E  /  C H A L C E D O N Y (communication mix)
  • L O V E  /  R O S E   Q U A R T Z (purity + connection mix)
  • P O W E R  /  C A L C I T E (purpose + clarity mix)
  • C R E A T E  /  C A R N E O L (desire + manifestation mix)
  • A B U N D A N C E  /  R E D   J A S P E R (grounding + stability mix)

Your Wildfire Incense is created to support your intention, whether that is to manifest, or even release.  Inside each mix there is a crystal, which governs the respective Chakra the herbs included are aligned with. The idea is that the Magick of the herbal and floral offering infuses the crystal, and the crystal infuses the herbs. The mix is then activated by way of your own personal intention and energy, and when it comes time to release your own connection to the ritual, simply throw your herb mix into your sacred fire.  Some find it helpful to chant the intention, some write it on paper and burn, some simply hold quiet space in their minds.

You can either keep the crystal, as a connection to your manifestation, or release to the earth or into the fire. If kept, it can serve as a reminder to what your are wishing to manifest, or a beautiful acknowledgment of a difficult experience you had the personal power to release. Use the energy offered within this mix to provide you with support to seek the clarity you desire, or closure if that is what your soul so requires.

The most important thing we want to share, is to trust yourself,  your intuition, and your ability to heal yourself. Find rituals, words, and practices that feel safe and right for you.

You’ve got this.

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Wildfire Activated Incense (Intention Mix)