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New Moon Blends

Lavender Make Up Remover


This natural makeup remover removes waterproof mascara and heavy-duty makeup whilst leaving your skin feeling soft, refreshed and nourished.​​​​​​​


Key Ingredients

A soothing combination of witch hazel, fractionated coconut oil and Jojoba oil helps cleanse, tone and refresh the skin. The addition of organic lavender essential oil is for sensitive skin types as it helps with acne, rosacea and dry skin.

Suited to

All skin types

How to Use

Add a small amount to a cotton pad and gently sweep across the face & eyes. If applying as a cleanser, pour onto the palm of your hand and gently massage oil in a circular motion around your face.​​​​​​​


Witch hazel extract, Fractionated coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Lavender essential oil

Lavender Make Up Remover