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Soap, Skin and Candles

Root Chakra Box - small


The Root Chakra is located at the very base of the spine and is connected to our ability to feel safe, secure, grounded and calm. It is associated with the colour red and is perfect if you need connection to the earth, to slow down and be more present.

The beautiful hand made pieces within the Root Chakra box will support you on your journey to help you be grounded and present.


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Perfect For

  • the need to feel grounded and getting out or you head
  • to support feeling safe and secure mentally and emotionally
  • connecting to self and the earth
  • helping to feel stable and on steady ground to make good decisions in a calm manner

What's in the box?

  • 1. Root Chakra Spray - New Moon Blends
  • 2. Smokey Quartz Crystal - Love you, Love me

Root Chakra Box - small